Saturday, March 8, 2014

Being Faithful in a relationship

This is the one of the strongest thing in a relationship; with this, a relationship cannot stand (also with trust).  I don’t like the idea of people cheating in their relationship; if you and your partner aren’t compatible anymore why don’t you guys just break up. Some guys will use excuses like: I still love my girlfriend but I have to cheat on her with another girl. Well this guy doesn’t know what he wants; if he knows he won’t be talking about I love my girlfriend. Love is a very strong word it’s just sad that some people don’t know how to use the word properly.  I don’t even know how you will be able to share your heart with two people, you will tell this one you love them and tell the other person the same thing, really complicated. Another excuse is this: my girlfriend is too jealous, anytime she sees me talking to another girl she gets mad. Of course every girl will be jealous come on, she loves you to care enough that you are talking to another girl, but the problem here is this, the jealous has to reduce unless the guy might disappear. Some guys generally don’t like girls that are too jealous. So ladies don’t be a jealous person too much jealousy can send your partner away. 
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