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PHOTOS: Check Out Pictures from Martins Efe & Augusta Duru's White Wedding

Photos from the traditional wedding which held November 30th in BeninPhotos from the traditional wedding which held November 30th in Benin

PHOTOS: Martins Efe & Augusta Duru's Traditional White WeddingPHOTOS: Martins Efe & Augusta Duru's Traditional White WeddingPHOTOS: Martins Efe & Augusta Duru's Traditional White Wedding

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Toyin Aimakhu-Johnson At War With Fellow Actress

Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu-Johnson took to Twitter talking about a fellow colleague of hers. Here is what she said below:
“Continue to tarnish my image all in the name of pretence,AGBAYA..had fun wen I was single,I’m married and will stay in JESUS name…Yes u r dark and ugly,remeba ur age as well..Be walking around all in the name of stardom…GOD always with me.. Aunty Agbaya..Yes I took some roles cos I was single and love my job,I’m married now n is anoda phase..Agbaya continue to dey jump around..U hire pple to comment on blogs all bcos u want pple to feel u r good?do u knw ow many homes u don break…Aunty agbaya, sidon dey act film”


PHOTOS: Jude Okoye Getting Married Next Year?


Photos: Patience Jonathan constructs multi-billion naira hotel in Bayelsa state

According to a report by a sahara tv journalist, Kayode Ogundamisi, the work on the building which started months ago has gulped into billions of naira. Read More

first lady house

Actress Fathia Balogun changes her surname

Actress, Fathia Balogun has changed her surname from Balogun to Williams on her Instagram page, Although her twitter account still bears Balogun. Read More

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sad News: Wole Soyinka's daughter, Iyetade Soyinka Dies at 48

According to statements by SaharaReporters, Iyetade Soyinka, a daughter of Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, has died. Ms. Soyinka, who was born June 6, 1965, died at the University of Ibadan Teaching Hospital where she was being treated for an undisclosed ailment.

The death was disclosed in a statement signed by Jahman Anikulapo, an aide to Mr. Soyinka, one of the world’s foremost dramatists and winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize in literature. The statement noted that the late Iyetade Soyinka was a student at the Staff School and Queens School, Ibadan before she studied Medicine at the University of Ibadan.

Mr. Anikulapo’s statement described the deceased as “affable, intelligent and sometimes capricious,” adding that she “struggled with her health in recent years.” Despite her health woes, the late Iyetade Soyinka “greeted every day with a smile and doted on her two children.”

The statement, which was issued on behalf of the deceased’s family, revealed that Ms. Soyinka “took ill quite suddenly and passed away while being treated at UCH, Ibadan.

“Iyetade leaves behind two children, both parents, numerous siblings, nieces and nephews.”

No funeral arrangements were announced in the statement. SaharaReporters was unable to reach Professor Soyinka before press time.

Photos: Cossy Orjiakor in a Traditional Attire

Her Tweet below:

Things Men dont like in women.

According to NF, here a list of things men dont like in women.

1. Excessively Drunk Women – When I was a boy I thought a group of drunk women was the move. When I go to the club now and see a chick throwing up in the bathroom, I get repulsed. Who’s mans is this?!

2. All the way turned up – Why I can hear you in a club on any night is a problem. It’s loud, there’s loud music, and still I can hear your voice shrieking over the speakers. Or what about those women who can’t control their volume when their drunk and try and talk in your ear but they’re screaming?

3. Negative Women – These women think everything is wack. “How about this lovely 80 degree weather today?” “This is wack, why these girls think it’s ok to be wearing their open toes?!”

4. Impatience – They hate waiting. They are the type to tell you to let them know when you have arrived at the restaurant so they can leave their house. They have cavities on each side of their mouth from sucking their teeth so much.

5. Teen Spirit Women: Waiting to be entertained – These are the ones who are rimming the club waiting for the party to jump off. They bring nothing to the party, but will call it wack because it didn’t turn into a bashment. Although, they didn’t come to dance anyway.

6. Random hair cuts or attempts to go natural – Have you ever seen that look a man has when he’s been caught cheating? It is NOTHING compared to meeting up with his boo and she decided to cut all her hair off. Your hair was down to the middle of your back yesterday, but now you sporting a Kobe fro. We will not be partying like it’s 1999 boo.

7. Liars – You can just tell this woman is lying. And often times it’s about something she doesn’t have to lie about. She got a hating friend who tells you all her business, especially about how she buys fake designer shoes. And you witness her blacking on some dude; “My shoes cost more than your whole outfit, negro!” #DIQUE.

8. Ms. Know It All – I don’t even have words to describe this one because she probably wants to describe it herself. When you told her that eating too much salmon could cause mercury poisoning, she even brought her grandmother into it, “My grandmother ate salmon everyday and she lived to be 106!” Seriously, this woman can’t take a piece of advice or fact that she didn’t come up with to save her life.

9. Attention Hordes – These women are always showing out looking for a reaction in the building. She usually has the attention of most of the guys, but if there’s one focusing on one of her friends, she makes it a point to hook that guy too. “Oh you got a nice chest. Do you work out?” Meanwhile, dude ain’t got a six-pack, he got a loaf of bread and he’s drinking a 40.

10. Women who think they can do WHATEVER they want – These are the women screaming at the promoter outside the club. These are the women who will break things in your house because they are having a temper tantrum. These are the women who say things like, “And I will tell him to do it, and he will do that ish.” These are the women who end up at the Chesapeake Rest Area because their man didn't make it out of Maryland before he put her out the Range

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stephanie Okereke's Message To Fans

Stephanie Okereke Drops Encouraging New Year Message to Fans. Here is what she said below:

“Hi friends, It’s just a few days to the end of the year and I just thought to share this important message with you. It’s easy to feel depressed and focus on the negative things, the things you haven’t achieved. This is just a message to say focus on the positives and focus on your dreams.
Along the journey to your dream’s fulfillment, you will face challenges that test you. In these moments things can sometimes seem tough. It can be easy to lose hope. You might sometimes wonder if your dreams will ever happen. These are the moments most people give in. But these are the very moments to LIVE everything you know deep in your heart. I wish you all a Happy New Year in advance. Look beyond your worries and put a smile on someone’s face this season!”

Photos: Maheeda In Music Video Shoot

Funny Pics


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I am Alive - Mosun Filani

Here is what she said according to reports 
She said “That’s strange o! How can anybody say I am dead when I am still alive? It’s a wicked rumour, and I believe it emanated from enemies of progress. I am not even sick, let alone dying. The rumour is weighty, and it can never be my portion in Jesus name. I believe you can recognize my voice that I am the one speaking with you. That alone shows that it’s a fake and useless rumour. I am alive, hale and hearty, enjoying my marriage. I will advise those behind it to spend their valuable time on something meaningful”
She laughed at the gist that her husband has banned her… My husband never banned me from acting. The truth is that after my marriage, I decided to take things easy and concentrate on my home front rather than career. Work is there forever, I can continue at any time I like. My husband doesn’t disturb my career. Our marriage has also been blessed with a baby girl, Oluwashemilore. She was just one year old in November this year. Everything concerning my marriage has to be given special attention before any other thing. But very soon, I will stage a big come back. I am still very much in the industry”

Photos: Waje's Outfit To The Headies Awards

Photo of Waje's Outfit To The Headies Awards

Not Bad

Photos:Check Out Mercy Aigbe's Christmas Card

Photo: Mercy Aigbe's funny Christmas picture

Very Funny.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Shopping for Christmas

Wow tomorrow is christmas day and I havent done any shopping yet. I need to get out of this house now but wait a minute, I still have time I mean its just afternoon now. Dont worry siblings, I will get you something for xmas am very very sure of that.

Guess the celebrity??

Long distance relationship

Most of my bestfriends are in Nigeria. Yes one can have a best friend in another country. Eventhough we havent seen each other in years, we talk on phone and mostly facebook (yes i prepare facebooking). The relationship we have is strong, really really strong more of like we are dating (no we are not dont get me wrong lol). I am presently chatting with one of them and all we talk about is how much fun we had when we were together, and how much we miss eachother. I love that feeling when you can just relax and have this great relief inside. I dont know if you understand what I mean. I got to go yes bed is calling me and also my pillow.

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Photos: Santa Claus Pounding yam

What do you guys think??

PHOTOS: Actress Ebube Nwagbo Without Make-Up

With Makeup:

Photo: Ebube Nwagbo with make-up

Without Makeup:

Photo: Ebube Nwagbo without make-up

What do you guys think??

Photos: Mercy Aigbe rocks a chanel Lego clutch bag

Click for Full Image Size

What do you guys think??

I found Christ so am leaving acting - Actor Charles Okafor

Here is what he said according to reports:
“I've been lying low for a while because I diverted into Advocacy and human-angle films as a consequence of my new found faith. I’m still a career actor and a film maker but I am mindful of the scripts I do.
A time come in the life of any professional when he seats back and takes stock of his professional issues and the legacy he wants to leave behind from the spiritual standpoint of view.
You cannot just do any kind of film anymore if you’re going to be the light to the nations of the world. We must be seen in the context of the things that glorify God in totality.
I’m driven to do advocacy films because they address social issues, human angle and spiritual issues that borders on the kingdom. That explains why I might not be as visible as I was some years back.
You see, you cannot eat your cake and still have it. You cannot serve God and serve Marmon. You must clearly define where you stand. I have put my hands to the plow so I shouldn't look back but that does not remove the fact that I’m still a career actor and film maker.”

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

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