Saturday, February 28, 2015

Are you feeling Yemi Alade's Hairdo

Photos: Check Out Okey Bakassi and his cute son

The resembles is strong oo.. 

Omoni Oboli wows in lovely dress

She is on her way to dinner and she is stunning.. She has a lovely stature tho.. 

Kelly Rowland Shows of Post Baby Body

Kelly Rowland is showing off her perfect body shape following the birth of her child. She was spotted running some errands in Beverley Hills. See more photos

Etecetra Attacks D Banj, Iyanya, Don Jazzy, Wizkid and Other Celebs in New Article

Again, I’m going to go out on a limb here to talk on a subject that may not be very popular or nice to Nigerian celebs, especially the guilty ones. I have said it severally that just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean they are smart. They may have a talent or skill but many of them are not smart especially when it involves their finances. The old saying, “your lies will come back to haunt you” has never been more true than the recent cases of D’banj, Iyanya and Wizkid who are being kicked out of their homes after lying they owned the properties.

The residents of blogosphere boulevard were stunned when the news broke that D’banj got an eviction notice from his landlord and was also said to be highly indebted. Yes, it is hard to believe that someone of D’banj’s status could actually be thrown out of his house. But for those who know that the Nigerian entertainment industry is built on lies and more lies, it didn’t come as a surprise or a case of a cranky landlord. Entertainers are well rehearsed liars. They are not what they make you believe they are. Even the upcoming artist with just one song on radio issues a press release that they’ve bought a mansion in Lekki Phase One and a Range Sport SUV?

There was a time when it was strongly whispered that Don Jazzy and his crew owned Club Jonzing until the truth came out. You must have also heard that D’banj owns Koko Lounge. My brothers and sisters in habit of believing everything you hear, I wish you all knew how your favourite celebs laugh in their closet seeing you swallow the lies like fufu and draw soup. Let me give an example of how some artistes can be terrible liars, we were on a tour of five Nigerian cities with Basketmouth and his then Humour Unlimited monthly show sponsored by BAT. When we got to Enugu, a certain artiste was snoring like a broken trailer exhaust pipe in the bus on our way from the event centre to the hotel. I tapped him hoping to stir him up to reduce his noise but I was shocked when he woke up immediately swearing that he wasn’t snoring, that he was only trying to get our reaction. Our reaction? After snoring for about 20 minutes with a trail of saliva from one corner of his mouth to his shirt collar! O’boy some people can lie in Africa.

Did you hear it on breaking news when Iyanya bought a house in his dreams? His management must have thought it was a fantastic promo strategy then. If only they knew that not far into the future, Iyanya would be dragged by his balls across the floor of the internet, and that his aggrieved brother would take to twitter to inform everyone that Iyanya had been evicted (not from Project shame) from his dream mansion. Yes, it is double wahala for deadi-bodi and the owner of deadi-bodi but won’t it be tripple wahala for Oritsefemi and his management when fans eventually discovered that the N200m mansion he purportedly bought some months back was actually bought in his dreams and not in the real world? How much does he charge per gig and how long has he been playing these gigs to be able to afford a mansion of that amount? Isn’t it wonderful how naija entertainers think their fans and everyone else is shallow and gullible?

Common sense should tell every artiste that these lies won’t achieve anything but hurt their careers in the long run when the truth is eventually revealed. Like it was revealed this week that Wizkid’s car hasn’t been paid for. True, some naija musicians make a lot of money, but not the kind of money they want you to believe. Does Oritsefemi look the part of a N200m house owner even with all his body cream? The telco brand ambassadors who are being coerced into lying about their endorsement fees can’t make such a preposterous claim not to talk of someone with no endorsement deal.

I shivered when I saw in some blogs over the week that Genevieve just bought a house in Ghana for a whopping $4m. This will go down as the grandmother of all lies told so far. Genny baybay, you should have asked yourself if there’s any house worth $4m in the whole of Ghana, except you bought the Ghana National Theatre which by the way may not be worth $4m. These lies are getting dumber by the day. The worst thing that can happen to any man is believing his own lies.

If we had a system where entertainers are taxed for their acquisitions, the ridiculous and unnecessary lies will stop. They will speak the truth and nothing but the truth or so help them God.

Toyin Lawani Flaunts Body in See Through Outfit

Sexy or thrashy?

D Banj Hangs Out With Africa's Youngest Billionaire

D'Banj is still in Dubai and he was seen hanging out with serial entrepreneur Ashish J. Thakkar, who at 33 years old, is the Founder and Managing Director of Mara Group, a diversified conglomerate with approximately USD $1 billion in revenues.

Skales and Wizkid Are Not Friends - Insider Reveals

It would be recalled that singers Wizkid and rapper Skales had a twitter fight last week. In tail of their quarrel a close sourxr to the duo has revealed in an interview to Punch that the two are not friends and do not even talk.
Later in the week, a source who didn’t want his name in print told PUNCH that Skales was really tired of Wizkid’s ‘fa├žade.’

The source actually confirmed the enmity had been brewing even before it degenerated to the twitter war earlier in the week.

“They are not friends and they do not talk. Even the party they both attended recently,
they did not talk to each other. Skales had been asking Wizkid for favours since they were both in EME and even after they left the record label but Wizkid always puts Skales on hold and keeps procrastinating. Whenever he tries to reach him on phone, he does not pick his calls and when he does, he acts ‘somehow.’

Before Skales released his hit single, they were meant to have a joint project together, a Skales/Wizkid project but they could not reach a conclusion. Whenever Skales goes to meet him (Wizkid), he normally acts as if Skales is disturbing him. But the truth is that when Skales tweeted that Wizkid doesn’t have his time, he was only joking even though it is the truth. Skales got upset when Wizkid said that his home is also Skales’ home. He felt that Wizkid did not need to put up a show on Twitter when the exact opposite is what is happening in reality,” he said.

However, the source believes that the two artistes would settle their differences soon.

“I think it is just the normal quarrel between two friends and they would settle it. Skales is not taking it personal at all and he is back to work and that is why he released his song, Je Kan MO, which is also trending at the moment,” the source said.

Some fans believe that Skales is probably envious of Wizkid’s success. But reacting to that, Skales manager, Osagie Osarenkhoe, who also managed Wizkid at a point in his career, debunked such insinuations. She told Saturday Beats that both artistes are doing very well individually.

“No one is jealous of the other. Both artistes are doing great individually,” she said.

Khloe Kardashian Talks About Her Weight Loss

Khloe Kardashian took to instagram to talk about and share pics from the weight-loss journey she's undertaking. Seems to be working well for her. She wrote;

"Looking back at pictures of myself I didn't realize at the time how unhealthy my lifestyle actually was. People love to call me the fat one but as weird as it sounds I still don't think I would consider myself fat back then. Definitely overweight and unhealthy, yes. About two years ago I decided to turn to fitness as a form of therapy and as a stress reliever. I started slow and eventually I started working out 4 to 5 days a week. We all have to start somewhere and doing something is better than nothing at all. Start small so you don't get discouraged and give up. Remember it is all about consistency.
There are no quick fixes if you want long-term results. Working out is a huge part of my life now. I genuinely enjoy sweating out my frustrations and living a healthier life. My workouts are not all about vanity. They are about clarity for my mind and soul. We all have different journeys in life, make sure your journey is for you and you alone. Remember in the end the turtle won the race. Slow and steady. dedication and tenacity. ��'

Message of the day

Christians can erase from their memory what God has erased from the record.

Friday, February 27, 2015

See The Dress That Is Trending on Social Media

See the dress that is making everybody confused. Oya what do you see black and blue dress or white and gold dress?

Toyin Aimaku Gushes Over Hubby Has He Turns a Year Older


Jimi Agbaje and Akinwumi Ambodes Wives Hug in Public

The wives of two of the leading candidates at this year’s gubernatorial election in Lagos state, Mrs Abiola Agbaje and Mrs Bolanle Ambode were recently photographed giving each other a warm hug at an interactive session in Lagos.

Alicia Keys and Husband Swizz Beatz are Drunk in Love

The singer posted this pic with her husband and wrote "4ever yours @therealswizzz ��

Stella Damascus Gushes Over Daniel Adenimokan

Kim K Posts Sexy Photo as She Reaches 27 Million Followers

P Square Meets With Billionaire Tony Elumelu

The singing duo met with the Heirs Holding CEO in his office today. See more photos after the cut..

Message of the day

God empowers us to stand for Him as we bow to pray.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The $4million House Genevieve Nnaji Bought In Ghana

The house is located in achimota area of Accra Ghana.. What do you guys think??

Can you guys guess who this is?

A Nollywood Actor that's the only hint you need 

D Banj Takes Over Dubai

As part of his 10th anniversary celebration, D Banj is currently in Dubai for a gig. Feeling the nigga?

See another photo after the cut

Emma Nyara Rocks Crazy Jean

It's the season of crazy jeans fashion, singer Emma Nyara wore this outfit for a fashion TV interview. Nollywood's Jim Iyke also rocked a crazy jean sometime last week. Another photo after the cut

Mercy Johnson Arrives Heathrow Airport With Son

Mercy Johnson pictured touching down at Heathrow Airport with her son Prince Henry for premiere of Thy Will Be Done featuring Ramsey Nouah and Mary Njoku. More photos below

Kim Kardashian Licks Kanye West's Face in New Photos

Power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted at the Brit Awards yesterday and the couple seem so drunk in love. Another photo below

TMZ Releases Photos of Whiz Khalifa at a Strip Club

This may be the work of Amber Rose after he released pictures of her filthy home in his bid to get his son from her declaring her an unfit mother. More photos below

Haha! Lord Take The Wheel

When I read this, I couldn't stop laughing like it was so funny ehn.. I just can't am sorry lol

Message of the day

Wisdom is seeing things from God's perspective.
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