Friday, February 28, 2014

Funny Pics

what will you do 

Kaffy Releases Picture Of Baby, Princess Elianah

Weeks after Annie Idibia and 2Face showed off Olivia, Kaffy, the Nigerian dance queen and record breaker has released the pictures of her baby girl, Princess Elianah, it was her marriage with Hoseph Ameh in 2012, a dancer and member of Psquare band that inspired the twins , Peter and Paul in getting serious with their relationships with their ladies.
Kaffy and Joseph have two kids already; Oluwatosin Seun and Elianah.
Elianah looks cute. View More

Singer Essence Replies Reporter Who Says She Is Broke & Hops On Bikes

Singer Essence has replied the reporter who says she is broke and now jumps from one okada to another. Essence said in a new interview that she is not broke, and as a matter of fact, she has acquiredtwo cars ever since her former car got stolen. She also says she is in a relationship with a Nigerian based overseas and that’s why she shuttles the country coupled with her foreign shows.Read More

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tony Tetuila Sets Up Night Club in Ikeja G.R.A

As the latest trend of putting hands in other means of making money is making waves in the entertainment industry, no one wants to be left out, popular Singer, Tony Tetuila is one of those who doesn't want to be left out in this trend and still wants to remain relevant in the entertainment scene.

Tony had been missing from the entertainment scene for a long while and many people wondered what he was up to. Well, we now know the answer! Tony was busy setting up Pub 1 nightclub, located at upscale G.R.A Ikeja.

The club promises to be the club to beat, as those who have been to the place are full of nothing but praises for Tony. We recall that 2face idibia not too long opened another Rumors Night Club in Festac...

If you can recall, Doris Simeon opened her salon months back while Timaya and the rest are already doing some businesses that are fetching them money. It has taken Tony months before he could come up with this which is the reason why it has become a place that a lot of people would want to visit

Pub 1 has not been officially open but a lot of his friends are already visiting the place to see how it looks like.

Photos: Police Raid Shanties in Lekki, Sets Place on Fire

Policemen numbering about 30 raided shanties around Lekki 2nd Roundabout, destroyed the shanties and set it on fire in a bid to chase the residents out of the area.

The fire is reportedly going out of control. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Who Wore It Better??

Jourdan Dunn Vs Jennifer Lopez

what do you guys think??

Keep Off Your Husband’s Phones! Dayo Amusa Warns Ladies

Her words to women;Some of us complain of problems in marriage and some are down with one sickness or the other simply because we don’t want to overlook those irrelevant things.


Why on earth should a woman carry the husband’s phone when he is in the bathroom just because she wants to catch him in his sexcapades?

Why create time just to drive around town looking for where his car is parked? Why liaise with your female friends to get him caught when some of them are after him and ready to take him from you? Na high blood pressure you wan give yourself so.

I don’t think this is necessary because even the man preaching to you and kissing his wife on national TV could have his girlfriend sitting right in front of him. You see your husband’s friend kiss his wife as they move along the road and to you, he’s the best husband on earth;he could be the chief of all sinners and your husband a saint to him.

A guy here will always use his wife’s picture as his profile picture; you won’t even get to see his own face here. But right there on his page are three of his girlfriends. This very randy guy uses that to deceive the poor woman and showers all kinds of praises on her meanwhile, one of the girlfriends on his page is a married woman. Ladies, your pastor may shower those praises on his wife with his girlfriend sitting right on the first row.

I know every woman wants to be celebrated by her man. I know we all love it when our pictures are used as his profile picture. I know we love to be hugged and kissed by him as we walk with friends. But I also know that some men are not good at it and yet they are better than some smart thieves. Just ignore those things that lead to sickness and the end of happiness in your marriage; keep loving and praying for him. With age,he will get tired and come home even if he sleeps with two daily.

Ladies,don’t go to your man’s phone.If you are number one or ten, that’s where you are in his life.Even when he doesn’t ask for it, girls are ready to send nude pictures of fake breasts and buttocks just to have him. If he loves you, they can play all the games with you but you remain the one he truly loves and adores; others are just cheap playthings. All the photos and text messages await you once you develop the itching ears. When eventually you see them,you will either take a walk or live in perpetual sadness. You see; it’s not worth it.

Do you agree with her?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Don Jazzy Laughs Off Marriage Tale With Atiku's Daughter

Mavin Records boss, Don Jazzy has rubbished reports making the rounds that he is planning to take the daughter of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Amina, to the altar.

Tweeting via his twitter handle on Tuesday, the Delta State-born music producer debunked the rumour, claiming that there is no iota of truth in the story.

He jokingly asked, "which of the Atiku's daughter name be Onome wey I wan marry o?" Tweeting further, he said, "Rihanna don vex dey flash me since set becos of did una fake news. I am sorry hun."

Some hours ago, news went viral on the internet that Don Jazzy was planning to marry the daughter of Atiku.

Recall that some months ago, Atiku said on twitter that Don Jazzy was richer than him, which caused an internet frenzy. The two are believed to be good friends.

TV personality, Kemi Adetiba makes startling confession (READ)

TV host and music video producer, Kemi Adetiba, has a confession to make and she needs your forgiveness. The talented On-Air-Personality shared a photo of the baby cereal below with a caption that will shock you.

She wrote: “My name is ‘Kemi Adetiba, and for years, I’ve carried around a terrible secret. Today, I come to you all.. My instagram family, with knees bent, asking that you you forgive instead of judging as I relive myself of this confession. For years, anytime I fed a baby his/her cerelac it was always on a 2 – 1. Two spoons for me then one for them. If i ever fed your child, I probably did this to them too. Here I am pleading for your forgiveness… And any baby I may have selfishly cheated. From now on, I shall endeavour to get high on my own supply (as evidenced I’m this photo). I
shall now instead bear the shame of going up to the cash counter cradling my can of baby formula, rather than steal food from the mouths of starving babies. I personally did this to you when you were a baby and I’m sorry. Help me beg your children… I am sorry.”


Monday, February 24, 2014

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Separate

We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time," the couple tell PEOPLE on Monday in an exclusive statement.

The pair, who first met when Thicke was 14, have been married since 2005 and welcomed son Julian Fuego in April 2010.

The singer, 36, long had been very expressive about his marriage to the actress, 38, saying last fall, "We're pretty sure we've loved each other for a few lives."

PHOTOS: Angela Okorie Rocks Gangster Look

Angela Okorie Rocks Gangster Look

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie has finally changed her hair style to the famous Mohawk hair style. The actress has been enjoying phenomena fame recently and she admitted that controversies have helped her to limelight, especially the rumoured death story in February 2014.

Angela disclosed in an interview that "Most rumours about celebrities are cheap lies. But then, if we are not important, they won’t talk about us. And those people talking about us are jobless. As a celebrity, people must talk about you. I’m not really crazy about controversy, but there is a picture I’m trying to paint for my fans. Though men are polygamous in nature, but I trust my husband so much”

Nollywood Actress, Doris Simeon Finally Opens up About Her Failed Marriage

This would be the first time Doris ever gave a lengthy interview about her very much publicized separation from ex-hubby Daniel Ademinokan, and her thoughts about fellow actress Stella Damasus being married to Daniel. There's nothing as good as hearing from the horse's mouth, so please read.
Excerpts are from Doris Simeon's recent interview with TheNation:

Did you ever imagine that you were going to be separated someday?

No, I never thought I would be separated someday. Yes, it definitely hit me when it happened. But life goes on.

But a lot of people had the impression that you couldn’t be bothered and that you wanted this freedom?

No, if I wanted the freedom, I have it now; so, why am I not exploring the situation? Instead of that, I am trying to make money. I have a lot of responsibilities. So, rather than sit down and mourn all day, I have to
face the reality.

My mother was a strong woman and I learnt a lot from her. She went through a lot, which I knew of from when I was a little child. In spite of all that she went through, she kept moving on. My mom had a stroke and survived it; and she still looked radiant. My mom jumped from one trade to another. When I think of that, I would be like, this woman, na you born me, I must do that thing wey you teach us. Those are the things I just look back and then I just move on. I have a child that I need to work for, so that he won’t face the kind of suffering I faced in the future.

Will you consider marriage again?

I don’t know, but I am not ruling it out because I am human. I might just fall head over heels in love again. But let me still be doing what I am doing. Wherever the Lord takes me, I will go.

What would you do differently when you find love again?

I will probably right the wrong things I did then. I mean I will do the right thing three times over.

What were those things?

Can I even point them out? I can’t point them out.

Was it that you didn’t have enough time for the family?

It wasn’t that in anyway. It is just one of those things you have to deal with. People will say one thing or the other to defend their own sides. When I’m on set, I want to quickly do whatever I am doing. This is because I see a movie script as an examination; and when you have an examination you want to quickly do it and then relax. That is the way I work. I just want to do it and know that I am done with this script, so I can face my family. So, it’s not that I get carried away with work. I just want to do the best I can at that particular time that I am doing that job and get out from that set and face my family or face whatever I need to do next.

At a time, you and Daniel were one of the best couples in Nollywood. What could have gone wrong?

Anything could have gone wrong. Anything could have triggered a fire anywhere. You don’t know what might happen the next minute. We are just trying to make things go right, but God has the final say. Yes, things happen in life and till eternity you keep asking that question what went wrong. But if you dwell on that, you won’t move forward because everything that happens has God’s hands in it. There is a reason why anything happens and it has been written that it will happen that way.

After a year, what did you do?

Funny enough, after a year, I was like, ‘Doris, how do you think you want to move on with your life? What should you do to move on? That was when I decided not to dwell on the past; otherwise, I will go hungry. People that want to laugh at me are out there, so I will rather make them say, ‘Aha Aha, what’s happening? And I am moving ahead with my life.

What is the relationship between the two of you now, given that you have a child for him?

We have a child, so we talk. The boy is there, so why won’t we talk? We cannot be sworn enemies forever. Not every relationship leads to marriage, yet the people involved still talk.

But how do you feel knowing that your colleague is supposedly married to him?

She’s a woman and he is a man. Na man I go still follow so (laughs). In this industry, most of us are colleagues; it is not that we are close friends or something. No be say na my mama born am now.

What about all those statements credited to you that you will deal with Stella Damasus?

I don’t know where they got all those stuff from. As a matter of fact, The Nation is the first newspaper I’m opening up to so much on my marriage because I know that you guys are not here to get something scandalous from me. Recently, somebody used my name on BBM to get money from people. I now traced that to a Facebook account. The person’s Facebook has my name, my pictures and everything. And they were probably getting their stories and stupid talk from all the things the person was writing. In fact, the person’s fan page has more likes than my own original fan page. Can you imagine? The person has a BB with Doris Simeon and she was telling people she wants to do a movie that they should send N10,000 into a certain account

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Music video director, Sesan Ogunro acquires a Tiger as his pet

Oh my won't believe what Music video director, Sesan Ogunro, has acquired as new pet, many comments followed after the posting of his the pics of him and his new pet...

It is not just the usual dog or cat type of pet, Sesan acquired a tiger. Maybe he is just posing with it at the zoo or is it real...scary though... Here’s the photograph he shared:Click for Full Image Size

You Are Fake From Head To Toe- Toke Makinwa’s Co-Presenter Tells Her

They say Toke is fond of taking shots at her co-presenter, Nanya Diali, who co-host The Morning Drive show with her. According to those who listened to them during the week, they say Toke attacked him first by saying the shirt he wore was fake.

Apparently, Nanya is fond of letting Toke have the shine, but on this day, he got upset and replied her back that his shirt may be fake, but she Toke, is fake from head to toe.

A shocked Toke quickly told him to expantiate and Nanya let the cat out of the bag by saying; If you remove the weaves, the fake eye lashes, the makeup, the push up bra and especially the bleached skin, people will run.

You have no single natural beauty, you are totally fake", he said. Now do you see why I said Nanya is Harsh?


Saturday, February 22, 2014

PHOTOS: What Do You Think Of Yvonne Nelson's Outfit?

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson no doubt has got good fashion sense and she sure knows how to turn heads when she steps out for an event.

The hot actress recently ocked this outfit to her Dstv/Africa Magic interview.

What Do You Think Of Yvonne Nelson's Outfit?What Do You Think Of Yvonne Nelson's Outfit?

Elimination Chamber

Elimination Chamber is Tomorrow, Cant wait.

Friday, February 21, 2014

PHOTO: Kate Henshaw & Flavour Having Fun In South Africa

Nollywood star actress and Judge on Nigeria's got Talent show, Kate Henshaw is currently in South Africa and she is having a swell time.

Kate went to the supermarket where she bumped into another celebrity, Flavour, one of Nigeria's popular musicians.

She took to instagram to share a photo of the both of them with the caption: "Guess who I ran into at the supermarket in South Africa….@2niteflavour."

They are both representing Nigeria with their native attire.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Osita Iheme & The Biggest Bible In The World! (Picture)

Aisha Falode Loses Son To Accident

It is indeed a bad time for Aisha Falode, AF Media Committee member and former AIT Sports correspondent who has lost her son, Toba Falode some days ago, Tove was a student in one of the Dubai schools and was also combining his eductation with music and has been making a lot of hypes before his untimely date.

‘This is a tragedy. It is very, very sad to hear of the death of such a young, charming and ambitious young man’, NFF President Aminu Maigari said ‘We feel very much for Aisha Falode and deeply mourn with her at this period. It must be so devastating to lose such a promising son at that young age’, he added.

The late rapper said his mother has been very supportive of his career ‘Actually making important connects, thank God for my mom, moving on up!! Baba god Noni!!!’.

Click for Full Image Size

Reps Reject Sanusi's Suspension After Hot Debate

The House took the decision after adopting a motion on the matter moved by minority whip, Samson Osagie.

Osagie argued that Sanusi's suspension was unconstitutional and antithetical to Nigeria's economy coming at the time the CBN Governor raised some concerns about missing funds.

He said the timing was wrong and Sanusi should not be washed away, as he was only carrying out his duties as the Chief Executive Officer of the Apex Bank.

He said the manner, in which Sanusi was suspended, was bereft of fairness as the man was not given any query, adding that the issues he raised ought to have been diagnosed thoroughly.

However, the motion drew a lot of controversy among the lawmakers as some kicked against it vehemently.

Leading opposition on the motion, Deputy House Leader, Leo Ogor, said the President is constitutionally empowered to appoint any individual into an office and sack him when something is wrong.

The House was thrown into a moment of confusion when some lawmakers booed Ogor, in disagreement with his position.

Some lawmakers wanted contributing further, but Speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal ended the matter by putting it to vote.

Overwhelming majority of the lawmakers present at the plenary voted in favour of the motion.

President Jonathan had announced earlier on February 20 that he suspended Lamido based on allegations of “financial recklessness” among other offences.

JUST IN! Gunmen Kill 13 In Barkin Ladi, Plateau

The Police Public Relations Officer in Plateau, Felicia Anslem, confirmed the incident in a telephone interview with PREMIUM TIMES.‬ ‪

"Yes, we are aware of an attack in parts of Barkin Ladi Local Government. The attack occurred at about 1:00 am today, but I cannot tell you the number of victims affected now. Some persons died, while others were injured. Our men have been deployed there to arrest the situation," she said.

‬‪Ms. Anslem said some of the victims were taken to a nearby hospital.‬ ‪The interim administrator of Barkin Ladi Local government council, Habila Dung, while commenting on the incident, described the attacks as sad and barbaric.‬ ‪

"Thirteen were killed including nine children, two women and two men. Five injured people are currently receiving treatment in the hospital," he said.

‬‪In the last one week, a total of 21 people have been killed by gunmen, while security agents are yet to make any arrest. ‬‪Barkin Ladi, in recent years, has witnessed several attacks and deaths including, in 2011, that of Gyang Dantong, a senator who represented Plateau North, and Gyang Fulani, a state Assembly member representing Barkin Ladi.

The lawmakers died as a result of shock from the sound of gun shots. They were attending a mass burial of about 50 people who were killed in a church when the gunshots went off.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Brandy Bursts Into Tears Right After Performing At Lagos Concert

Everyone was taken by surprise when American singer, Brandy Norwood, who was the co-headliner of the Classic FM Valentine concert in Lagos, broke down in tears after her performance.

Brandy who was in Nigeria for the third time, was seen crying uncontrollably upon leaving the stage after her performance.
The “Have you ever” singer was spotted weeping with her head bent and mouth covered, as she was being escorted to her room immediately after her awesome performance.
Her bodyguards barred photographers from capturing the moment, and no one gave an explanation for the tears.
Although NET is reporting that the pop singer fell ill en route Nigeria over the weekend, other online portals claim the tears were due to the “awesome reception” she received from Nigerians.

“She must have been overwhelmed by the love and warm reception she got from the near-full capacity audience,” they report.

Kelly Rowland learns to speak Yoruba while on Top Of The Morning

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Photo: Ini Edo's New Pics

Ini Edo's New Pics
Ini Edo's New Pics

Praiz Gives Out N10 Million For A Baby’s Post Heart Surgery

Few days after Praiz performed at the MTN’s YelloValentine, he has given out a N10 million to a baby, Sumayah who requires a heart surgery outside the country, Praiz who stumbled upon music in his early years from his father’s numerous collections of music albums , years later became a second runner up in the MTN Project Fame has become a force to reckon with in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

With his lovely songs that makes a lot of sense, his humanitarian service to this baby is not a surprise, with the solicitation from the parent of Sumayah for the general public to come to their aid, Praiz financial support has come at the right moment.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Check Out Annie Idibia’s Latest Look

Tuface Idiba’s wife, Annie Idibia who recently gave birth to her second child in January 2014 has successfully lost her all her baby weight and has gotten her sexiness back.
The mother of two who said she is happy and blessed shared the photo below for her fans.
Annie who already has a daughter, Isabella for 2face gave birth to her second child for him on the
3rd of January in the United states. What do you think of her look?

Check Out Annie Idibia’s Latest Look

Patience Jonathan Appears In Public To Dispel Rumours That She's Sick

Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan has appeared in public to dispel media reports that she has been secretly flown to Germany for an urgent medical treatment.

ChannelsTV reports that Mrs Jonathan, who paid a condolence visit to the Minister of Federal Capital Territory over the death of his elder brother, said the president had asked her to personally come for the visit to dispel the report of her ill health.

“My husband asked me to come and see you specially. I have come to tell you sorry because of what has happened to your family. Whatever happens to you happens to us,” she said.

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Mohammed, described the report as treachery
and ungodly.

“I have seen some reports in the media born out of mischief. “Our mother cannot be sick and God will continue to protect you. You are well and you will be well forever,” he said, praying for the First lady.

He said that the report would translate to good health and longevity for the First Lady.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

PHOTOS: Iyanya's New Pics

Iyanya's New Pics

The Kukere master sheared this with his fans...
*Nice pictures*
See more below...

Iyanya's New Pics

PHOTOS: Lupita Nyong'o Covers New York Mag In Red Valentine Theme

Lupita Nyong'o has become a household name since her breakout role in the Oscar nominated film "12 Years A Slave"..Top 2014 Oscar nominee Lupita Nyong'o covers New York Mag in all red Valentine theme design.

Lupita Nyong'o Covers New York Mag In Red Valentine Theme

Olamide Performs For Free in Ladipo Market On Vals Day

This guy is truly the king of the street, he really does well for the people, other than him which other Nigerian rapper can do something like this, they are very few names you can mention, I guess you all know the popular Ladipo Market in Lagos.

Patience Jonathan reportedly Flown to Germany for Treatment

The First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Dame Patience Jonathan has reportedly been flown to Germany for treatment.
According to Sahara Reporters, two “reliable” sources told the news agency of the secret travel.
Patience Jonathan is said to have left the President Villa in Abuja, for the German hospital about a week ago. She has been keeping a low profile weeks before the secret trip.
No report on the ailment and how long she will be in the German hospital.
In 2013, the First Lady traveled abroad for treatment; when she arrived she thanked God for rescuing her

from coma, even after her spokesperson denied she traveled because she was sick.

PHOTOS: Popular Nollywood Actor Shares Family Photos

Popular Nollywood Actor Shares Family Photos

The actor is a known face on tv who has thrilled his fans and audience countless times with his great acting and well put performances.
He took to the internet to show off his family, and share his love for them with the rest of the world.
Emeka and his wife, Stella have been married since 2006 and have two children, a boy and a girl.
Check out photos below;

Popular Nollywood Actor Shares Family Photos

Popular Nollywood Actor Shares Family Photos

Lanre Nzeribe is just a friend – Monalisa Chinda

In a new interview with Sunday Punch, actress Monalisa Chinda described her boo and business partner of over two years as 'just a friend'

"That is a personal decision. Some things are private - they are not meant to be discussed on the pages of newspapers.

Lanre Nzeribe is only a friend and I won’t say more than that." She tells Punch

PHOTOS: Check Out Toyin Lawani's New Look

Toyin has ditched her long weaves for a short cut. She looks great.

Photo of Toyin Lawani's New Look


Photo: Chike Ike Stunning In New Picture

Photo of Chike Ike Stunning In New Picture

She is always looking cute! keep it up!

Back In The Day: Iyabo Ojo, Liz Da Silva, Dayo Amusa, & Toyin Aimakhu

2006: Iyabo Ojo, Liz Da Silva, Dayo Amusa, and Toyin Aimakhu
Throwback of Nollywood actresses, Iyabo Ojo, Liz Da Silva, Dayo Amusa, and Toyin Aimakhu, which was taken in 2006. These ladies have sure come a long way.

Brandy parties with Kelly Rowland, others at Dare Art Alade's concert

Singer Brandy, who is in town to perform at ClassicFM Valentine concert which will take place today at Eko Hotel, was spotted partying with Darey Art Alade, Kelly Rowland.

The American singer really enjoyed the perfomance from the two acts.

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